Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is a time for strength, energy, and vitality, for action and movement! Spring and summer are the seasons to gather and increase organic energy into your body and mind— to increase pranic vitality (and to build a Brahmana practice).

It’s time to come out of your shell and onto your mat- to move and breathe, and connect with the powerful solar energy that is radiating everywhere- sun, water, sky, and the green vibrant earth. You are a reflection of what is happening in nature. You are an expression of that.

The summer solstice speaks of love and light, of freedom and generosity of spirit. It is a beautiful time of year when flowers whisper to us and forests and woodlands hang heavy in the summer’s heat and our souls feel enchanted and free!

Summer is expansion, opening and meeting your potential.

The Summer Solstice and Brahmana Energy

In Yoga Philosophy, the heating, energetic qualities of summer are described, in the Sanskrit language, as Brahmana and are associated with heating. Other qualities of Brahmana include expansion, increasing, nourishing building, and energizing. When building a personal practice, it is important to look at how you are feeling physically and emotionally, as well as what is happening in nature. If you are recovering from illness, or injury, or are feeling particularly depleted, an expansive brahmana practice may not be suitable. You may need a more soothing, cooling, reducing practice called Langhana.

However, if the dullness or sleepiness of winter seems to be clinging to you, and you are longing to increase energy, to channel toward your passions, and to build strength, a brahmana practice can serve you well. Perhaps your heart is craving adventure, or you long for extra creativity to manifest or complete a project, or energize a relationship. You may choose a vinyasa class or a heated, moving practice to stoke that fire, with less static, or held postures. My Saturday and Tuesday Dynamic Vinyasa class and my Pilates mat classes are great opportunities for Brahmana energy breathing and movement. Backbend postures and chest and shoulder openings, as well as an upwardly focused drishti (gaze) will cultivate Brahmana. A breathing practice might include elongating your inhale as well as holding the breath inside. (Please consult a qualified teacher before practicing unfamiliar breathing patterns. )

In Conclusion

I welcome you to explore these summertime Brahmana qualities on your mat with us.

Our summer class schedule and upcoming events are full of vibrant opportunities, each week, to connect to your breath, nourish your body, and harness this energizing light.

See you in class!~ Moira 🌞

“The eternal light already shines within you. In the center of the chest, just to the right of the physical heart, where a portion of the God became the living soul of all beings.”~Sri Dharma Mittra

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