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River Rock Yoga and Pilates in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is a professional studio devoted to offering a wide variety of yoga and pilates classes for students at every level of practice.

We offer over twenty-five classes a week with over fifteen certified and registered instructors. We are committed to providing a tranquil and supportive environment for you to practice with the most well-trained, experienced, and professional teachers on the Gulf Coast. Come join us for yoga and Pilates classes in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Gentle Yoga

(Open to all): A refreshing blend of asana that includes breath awareness, restorative postures & gentle movement. Explore how the breath can be used to bring a meditative aspect to both stillness and movement, creating an atmosphere for renewal.

yoga ocean springs mississippi

Vinyasa Flow - Dynamic

(Intermediate/Advanced): Explore and refine foundational yoga asana at a deeper level. The ability to perform multiple sun salutations will enhance your experience. Asana poses are held longer to increase strength & endurance. Practices include pranayama, meditation, vinyasa krama, balancing postures, intro to inversions & deeper exploration of yoga philosophy. Students have the opportunity to use their intuition as they explore limitations & boundaries.

yin yoga ocean springs mississippi


(Beginners) A continuous 9-week series, teaching basic postures to introduce movement, breathing, and relaxation techniques. Written material is offered to support your understanding of what you learn in class.



(Open to all) A gentle yoga class that includes an intro to vinyasa flow, which combines attention to the breath, synchronized with gentle, flowing, therapeutic movement.

yin yoga ocean springs mississippi

Gentle Yoga - Yin

(Open to all): Focusing on long-held, deeply relaxing, “stretching” seated poses combined with attention to the breath, Yin Yoga goes deep into the connective tissues (bones, joints, fascia) with emphasis on the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Benefits include a greater range of motion & flexibility, improved circulation, deeper relaxation & release of tension. In “yin” yoga the pose is typically held for 3 to 5 min, allowing for deep tissue opening.


(Open to all): Through healthy breathing and focus on strength and flexibility, particularly of the back and abdomen muscles, you will enhance your posture, balance, and core strength.

vinyasa flow ocean springs


(Open to all except new beginners) A balanced, flowing series of poses, awakens the breath, balances the body, and creates flexibility & strength. This warming, revitalizing vinyasa practice supports the various systems of the body while quieting the mind. Sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, backbends, twists, and forward bends are used in unique combinations of pose/counterpose.

yin yoga ocean springs mississippi


(Open to all except new beginners): Create strong, lean, and flexible muscles and a balanced mind through the fusion of Pilates and Yoga. Core strengthening is emphasized. Flowing movement provides cardio conditioning and produces heat to release tight muscles. Deep relaxation included.

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Heated Hatha Flow

(All Levels): HEATED ROOM! A balanced, flowing series of poses creates strength, agility, and flexibility. This warming, revitalizing vinyasa yoga practice supports the internal systems of the body, while quieting the mind. Sun salutations, standing poses, backbends, twists, and forward bends in combinations of pose/counter-pose combine to empower and open, moving toward deep relaxation.

River Rock Yoga class descriptions

flow and yin

(Open to all but new Beginners) This hybrid class will warm your body through vinyasa flow (breath coordinated with movement) in preparation for deeply informative yin poses towards the end of the practice. The framework for this practice, which also includes balancing postures and breath work, serves to leave you both energized and relaxed.

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