River Rock Yoga and Pilates Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to us that you feel welcomed, comfortable and confident in our studio. That’s why we are sharing the most frequently asked questions we receive.

We hope this answers all your questions!  You might also find our yoga tips and etiquette helpful.

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What are some of the benefits of yoga?

Just a few benefits of yoga include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved balance and flexibility
  • Alleviation of pain
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Weight-loss
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Decreased depression, anxiety, and insomnia
I’ve never done yoga before, which class should I come to?

Depending on your fitness level, any of our classes might be appropriate for your first class. However, we often recommend new students try our 9-week yoga basics program. This program is designed for people who have no yoga experience or for those wanting to refresh their practice. Alignment principles, basic postures, breathing practices, and relaxation methods are taught. We often run specials on this program, and you can also begin it with our 30 days for $30 intro offer. If you are currently very fit, you might enjoy a vinyasa class.

What payment options are available?

Many people enjoy the convenience of our unlimited classes at a monthly rate (on auto-pay) of $85. Monthly unlimited without auto-pay is $108. Drop-in classes are $20. A 10-class package, good for 4 months, is $165. The annual unlimited rate is $950. See all of our pricing.

Am I eligible for 30 days for $50 introductory offer? What does this offer include?

Our introductory offer is available for students who have never taken classes with us before, and who currently reside within 45 minutes of our studio home. 30 consecutive days of unlimited classes allow students to try everything River Rock Yoga and Pilates has to offer!

What types of classes and services do you offer?

River Rock Yoga and Pilates offers a wide range of yoga and Pilates mat classes for students at every level of practice. We also offer workshops and other community-building events. We offer massage therapy, Reiki, Ayurvedic and nutrition counseling, and mental health therapy sessions.

Do I need to sign in to classes in advance, and how do I do that?

Yes! Please sign in to classes in advance. Once you reserve the spot, please know that we are holding it just for you. That being said, if you find that you are unable to attend, please go into your account and cancel your reservation within 2 hours of class time or earlier if possible. There is a $5 charge for failing to cancel your reservation in advance. You may register for classes on our website or on our convenient River Rock Yoga and Pilates APP. Our APP can be downloaded from the APP store. The link is on our website’s homepage.

How many people are in a class?

Our classes range anywhere between 7 and 15 people. 

How long are your classes?

Depending on the class type, most yoga classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes. Class times are listed on the class schedule. All Pilates mat classes are 1 hour.

What should I wear to my yoga and Pilates mat classes?

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Usually, clothing that is not too tight and not too loose feels best for your body. Classes are done with bare feet.

What should I bring to my class?

Bring your yoga mat and any other props you use that you prefer not to share with other students. We have a generous selection of props available for your use at the studio including mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, sandbags, and Pilates rings. Please sanitize used props with provided sanitizer after each use. Bring your water if needed.

Where should I put my personal belongings during my class?

Shoes are left outside the yoga room, under benches during class. Keys may be hung on our key rack, and jackets on our hooks. We are not responsible for your valuable personal items during your class. Please keep them with you, or leave them in your locked car.

Do I have to be fit and flexible to do yoga?

You do not have to be fit or flexible to do yoga. We like to say, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga!” Your flexibility will improve with consistent practice. Most students feel more and more comfortable in their bodies over time and learn to be less judgmental and more loving toward themselves through the practice.

Am I too old to do yoga?

You are absolutely NOT too old! Many of our students find yoga to be an enjoyable and helpful practice throughout all the ages and stages of their lives. We welcome students from age 3 to 103! We currently have students enjoying practice well into their 80’s.

I can’t come to a class that I have signed up for. What should I do?

When you sign up for a class, we reserve a spot in the room just for you! If, for some reason, you are not able to attend the class, please go to our APP or website and remove your reservation as far in advance as possible, so that the spot can be used by another student. 

Is it ok to use the restroom and drink water during class?

Yes! Please feel free to take care of your body and hydrate if necessary. Three restrooms are available at any time for your convenience.

What is vinyasa flow yoga?

Vinyasa flow yoga can be gentle or very active. It is a flowing style of yoga which coordinates breath and movement as the practitioner flows from posture to posture. It can sometimes be more challenging and heating in nature when compared to the Gentle or Yin yoga classes on our schedule.

I’m nervous that people will look at me, when I don’t know what I’m doing. What should I do?

Many new students feel nervous in this way. Don’t worry! Our classes are non-competitive and everyone is either looking at the teacher or focusing on their own bodies. You are free to explore how your body feels, and to modify postures if necessary or to take a rest. Please speak with your instructor if you have special needs. We are here to help!

If I’m running late to class, what should I do?

No worries! We encourage punctuality but also understand that there are times when running late cannot be helped. Generally, the door is locked at the start of class. If you arrive late, but within 15 minutes of the start of class, you may knock on the door or window to be admitted.

How do Pilates and Yoga compare?

Yoga and Pilates are both considered mind-body exercises. Both focus on breathing and alignment and help students to focus on the present moment. Yoga is an ancient wisdom tradition (including postures) designed to calm the mind, originating in India, while Pilates is a fitness method developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates. Pilates focuses on strengthening the core of the body, leading to a stronger, more flexible, and agile body that is less prone to injury. Please read more about each tradition on our separate yoga and Pilates pages, located on this website.

I have some health problems and would like to talk to someone before attending classes. Who should I call?

Please call Moira Anderson, owner and Director of River Rock Yoga and Pilates, at 228-365-3191 to discuss your situation and your concerns. I’m so happy to help!

Is River Rock Yoga and Pilates on Social Media?

Yes! We are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please like and follow us!

Are my teachers certified? How much experience do they have?

All River Rock Yoga and Pilates teachers are certified yoga teachers, and all are registered with Yoga Alliance. Moira Anderson has 23 years of experience teaching yoga full-time. She is a certified 500-hour Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-500 RYT level. Read all teacher bios on this website!

Are private lessons offered?

Yes! We offer private lessons in yoga, therapeutic yoga, Pilates mat, meditation, and yoga philosophy. 1-hour private classes are $80 for 1 hour and $100 for a 1 1/2-hour session. We offer discounts for students purchasing private lesson packages.

I’m interested in your Yoga Teacher Training Program. How can I find out more information?

We have been training yoga teachers since 2007! We are a Yoga Alliance-approved and registered program. It is a 10-month-long program with once-a-month weekend intensives. Please check out our teacher training page on this website for a full description, including pricing. You can also call Moira at 228-365-3191 to discuss the program.

Are masks required during your classes?

Currently, we do not require masks in the building.

What cleaning and sanitizing protocols do you have in place?

We are serious about keeping you safe, and your environment clean and sanitary! Students are asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the studio. Frequently touched surfaces are sanitized throughout the day. The studio is cleaned daily. Students are responsible for sanitizing props after each use.

What is Maitri Mental Health Services?

“Maitri” is a Sanskrit word meaning “to place our fearful minds in the cradle of loving-kindness”. Your mental health matters. Maitri Mental Health Services offers Kind and Compassionate Care in the form of: -Individual, Group, and Family Therapy -Life Planning and Goal Support Therapeutic counseling services are available, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, socially distanced, with a licensed mental health professional. Compassionate care can increase awareness, bring comfort, set goals, and offer strategies for transformation. Moira Anderson, LMSW, has experience treating anxiety, sleep problems, trauma, relationship challenges, and depression. See our mental health services page here.

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I’m interested in mental health therapy with Moira Anderson, LCSW. How should I book that appointment and how much does it cost?

Moira Anderson has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is a licensed therapist in the state of Mississippi. She has been working in clinical mental health settings since 2010, and building a private mental health practice since 2018. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call or text Moira at 238-365-3191, to inquire about availability. Therapy sessions are one hour long and cost $75.

Still have questions or concerns? Call us any time.

Moira Anderson, owner 228-365-3191

Kimberly Jackson, manager 228-369-0266

Email us at riverrockyoga@bellsouth.net.

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