what is pilates?

“River Rock Yoga and Pilates has been a comfort to me for many years, but now more than ever. When the stresses of these times seem too much, I know I can turn to this beautiful studio to help soothe my mind and release tension from my body. In addition to calming my mind with yoga, Pilates has strengthened and toned my muscles in a shorter time than weight training ever could. The teachers are loving, compassionate people, and all levels are welcome. They also offer online classes! I highly recommend this studio”. ~ Dena B., yoga and Pilates student

The history of the pilates technique

The Pilates technique was developed in the early years of the 20th century by a German man named Joseph Pilates who was determined to overcome his own physical disabilities and become a fit and healthy individual. The technique consists of a series of controlled, flowing movements that will not only improve your shape, but will also promote flexibility, remedy any postural problems by realigning your body structure to its natural balance and allow internal organs to function more efficiently.

The Goal of Pilates exercises

The main aim of the exercises is to promote stability in the “core” or center of the body—the area around your middle; abdominals—where the muscles that support the spine are located. Also, the shoulder girdle and the pelvis are strengthened and stabilized. The result of using the Pilates technique is a toned, muscular, elongated, lean-looking body that functions efficiently and is less prone to injury.

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Pilates principles

Concentration: It is your mind that wills your body to work; therefore, pay attention to the movements you perform and how your muscles respond to attention.

Control: True muscle control means no sloppy or haphazard movements.

Centering: There is a large group of muscles making up our centers- our abdominals, low back, hips, and buttocks- they are termed the powerhouse in Pilates. All energy for the movements of Pilates initiates from the powerhouse and radiated to the extremities.

Precision: To leave out any detail of a specific movement is to lose the intrinsic value of the exercise. Therefore, choose to focus on doing a single precise and perfect movement over many half-hearted ones.

Breath: By employing full inhalations and full exhalations, you are expelling stale air and noxious gases from the depths of your lungs and replenishing your body with fresh air to energize and revitalize your system.

Fluidity: Dynamic, energetic movements replace the isolated and static or quick and jerky movements of other techniques. A focus on grace and economy of motion is emphasized over speed, and ultimately the movements should feel fluid as a long stride or a waltz.

Imagination: It is the body that follows the will of the mind; therefore, using verbal and visual metaphors to create perceived resistance will increase efficiency and results.

Intuition: Listen to your body! It does know best.

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Through healthy breathing and focus on strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles, you will enhance your posture, balance, and core strength.

Pilates: PIYO

Create strong, lean, flexible muscles & a balanced mind, through the fusion of yoga and Pilates. Core strengthening is emphasized. Flowing movement provides cardio conditioning and produces heat to release tight muscles. Deep relaxation included.

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