My 1st Headstand

I started practicing yoga 23 years ago because I was sad, and my neck hurt so badly that I couldn’t turn my head. Sometimes I couldn’t get out of bed.

After practicing for about a year I tried to do a headstand against a wall. I thought you couldn’t practice yoga without learning headstand. And I thought if I could do it my teacher would like me, and I would dislike myself less.

Some months later, scared to death, I forced myself to try a headstand with variations and I injured myself so badly that I didn’t do a headstand again for 3 years. I had a talk with myself then and said, “If you never do another headstand you can still practice yoga and benefit from it.”

It Came, Eventually

In class, when the headstand was taught, I went to the bathroom. But I did practice, every day, and meditated and practiced pranayama and learned to teach yoga. I also learned to appreciate and care for my body, and my neck, in all kinds of ways. I realized that yoga isn’t about the postures at all.

Then one day, without me really thinking about it, headstand found me.  My body knew what to do, and it felt like it was helping me. I learned to breathe there and watch and send kindness to myself.

Yoga is not about leaning headstand

If I wake up tomorrow and never do another headstand that will be ok. You too – you never, ever have to do one, ever, unless one finds you and it feels good for that moment. If you care to submit to a daily practice, do it with the utmost compassion and kindness, and release your attachment to any outcome. Do it for the joy inside. And, guess what? As your yoga teacher, I will like you, if all you ever want to do is lie on the floor. Been there. If you need help, or want to talk about yoga, or anything else, or just sit and breathe with me, I’m here.

~ Moira

“Work. Keep digging your well.Don’t think about getting off from work.Water is there somewhere.Submit to daily practice.Your loyalty to thatIs a ring at the door.Keep knocking, and the joy insideWill eventually open a windowand look out to see who’s there.” ~Rumi

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