The Flow of Vinyasa

I experience my body moving and my breath flowing. I come back to this moment, so full of movement and at the same time so still.  My mind becomes focused— like a laser beam and the distractions fade into the background like white noise- no longer distracting, no longer captivating.What IS captivating, interesting, and all-consuming is the flow beneath the stillness and the stillness behind the flow.This is VINYASA, translated as “to place in a ‘special’, mindful way.” For me it always feels fresh. Even the sequences I’ve done thousands of times, can be experienced again as nourishing and valuable.The thinking mind may surface at times, but it doesn’t control me. My thoughts do not define me. This Pure moment does. The flow is a pathway to union, and certainly a form of meditation and communion. All of this takes us on a journey to the yogic state of mind.

“Often in meditation, thoughts grow lighter and the gaps between them widen, so that we can touch what lies beneath the thoughts, the second form of stillness. Stillness of awareness, stillness of consciousness differs from stillness of the body-heart-mind. When we enter the place of pure consciousness, the screen upon which thoughts, emotions, and sensations manifest, when we sit back from all the perceptions arising and falling, when we drop beneath all the inner and outer sounds, and settle into that simple awareness, simple consciousness, we discover consciousness itself as inherently still and silent. “~ Joseph Naft

~ Moira

“Unable to perceive the shape of You,I find You all around me.Your presence fills my eyes with Your love,It humbles my heart,For You are everywhere.”Hakim Sanai

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