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Donna Papania

Donna Papania, MS, LN, e-RYT

With a purpose of passing on the gifts that she has received, Donna brings over ten years of study and exploration of the wisdom of ayurveda and the practice of yoga to her teaching. Her teaching focuses on awareness and manipulation of energy in order to create balance in the body and mind. Her classes are always unique, as each moment’s potential to create harmony are unique. She has served the community at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico as a senior staff member, creating and implementing yoga classes and panchakarma sessions, ayurvedic consultations as well as teaching numerous classes and workshops to students throughout the US.

Donna Papania instructs the following:
  • Inspired Intention
  • With Donna Papania, MS, RN, e-RYT
    Yogic tradition is rich with wisdom on how one can move into alignment with truth. One feature of this knowledge is sankalpa, or the setting of intentions. Sankalpa is similar to our modern idea of New Year's resolutions. With both, we clarify our purpose and empower ourselves to transform. In this subtle, yet dynamic yoga practice, we will open ourselves into the deepest spaces of our hearts, allowing the desires of our higher self to come to the surface. This will make clear what our Sankalpas are from a soul level. We will clarify and energize our sankalpa with pranayama and ground ourselves into a resolve to live purposefully with a guided meditation. This practice will leave us with a quieted state that is conscious of our own truth and empowered to create a life that aligns with our highest truth.
    Investment: $25